30 Nov 2017
Here’s What You Need to Know About Employee Fraud

The emotional and financial costs of employee fraud can be devastating; here’s how you can protect your business. While employees can be your business’s biggest asset, they can also be your biggest liability.  Approximately 64% of small businesses have faced employee fraud with median losses at about $145,000.  As a business owner, it’s important that […]

19 Oct 2017
Basics of a Good Benefits Package

A good benefits package could make your business boom!  Here’s what you need to know about creating the best benefits package for your business. Having a good benefits package could be the key to recruiting and retaining the best employees for your business.  In fact, offering a good benefits package could even persuade prospective workers […]

12 Oct 2017
National Security Awareness Month: Reducing Your Cyber Liability Risks

October is National Security Awareness Month – learn how you can keep your business safe online. While the Internet is an amazing resource for businesses, it can also be their biggest liability.  If you handle a considerable amount of your business online, then a data breach could be disastrous to your company.  With sensitive information […]