30 Nov 2017
Here’s What You Need to Know About Employee Fraud

The emotional and financial costs of employee fraud can be devastating; here’s how you can protect your business. While employees can be your business’s biggest asset, they can also be your biggest liability.  Approximately 64% of small businesses have faced employee fraud with median losses at about $145,000.  As a business owner, it’s important that […]

16 Nov 2017
Whole Life vs. Term Life: Choosing the Right Life Insurance for Me

Learn which type of life insurance is right for you. If you are looking at life insurance, then you know that there are whole life and term life policies.  But what are the differences between each type and how do you choose the right life insurance for your needs?  Use this information to learn more about […]

09 Nov 2017
Prepare Your Teen Driver for these Unexpected Driving Situations

Don’t let your teen driver get taken by surprise; teach them these skills to make sure they’re ready for anything. If your teen is learning to drive, chances are they are more confident in their driving abilities than they should be.  Don’t let your teen’s overconfidence lead to them getting stranded or into an accident.  […]