27 Sep 2018
What You Need to Know About Home Endorsements

Should you add an endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy? If you need to adjust the coverages included in your homeowners insurance but do not want to secure a completely new policy, consider tacking an endorsement onto your existing policy. Not sure what adding an endorsement to your policy will do for you? Here’s what […]

20 Sep 2018
Do You Have Enough Auto Insurance?

How can you tell if you have enough car coverage? While most drivers understand that they need auto insurance, you may not know just how much coverage you actually need. For instance, if you are meeting your state’s insurance minimums, you might assume that you are all set. However, in reality, simply meeting coverage minimums […]

13 Sep 2018
Insurance to Cover Your Home Remodel

Secure the coverage that you need while your home is getting a face lift. While there isn’t insurance to specifically cover your home’s renovation, you can make adjustments to your existing homeowners insurance policy to cover your changing risk exposures. This is why you should speak to your insurer before beginning your renovation project and […]