27 Feb 2020
home front door protected from flood water with sandbags

Protect your home from flood damage. If you have homeowners insurance, then you may assume that you are protected against all forces of nature.  However, this isn’t the case.  Certain perils are considered so expensive and risky that standard insurance providers refuse to cover them.  One common example of this is floods.  Because flood damage […]

20 Feb 2020
injured contractor

Most common workers compensation mistakes. As a small business owner, you are responsible for managing your company’s insurance coverage.  This includes your workers compensation insurance.  Unfortunately, many business owners are inexperienced with this coverage and end up making mistakes.  Here are some of the common workers comp mistakes to watch out for. Failing to Verify […]

13 Feb 2020
couple getting engaged

Before you get married, take care of these tasks. If you’ve just gotten engaged, then your head is probably buzzing with wedding plans.  However, before you get too sucked into color schemes and flower arrangements, it’s important that you and your partner handle your finances.  Here are some of the financial matters to take care […]