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Our 100+ years of combined insurance experience means there are few insurance situations we haven’t seen. That equals money, time, and unnecessary hassles saved for you. 

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We’re insurance licensed and committed to professional development to offer you the best service possible.  Professional designations held in our office include Certified Insurance Counselor, CIC, Certified Risk Manager, CRM, Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter, CPCU, and, Accredited Customer Serivice Representative, ACSR, Certified Account Manager, CAM, and Texas Independent Insurance Adviser, TIIA.

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We express your concerns and opinions to your insurance companies every day. Both our solid relationships with those companies and our national and regional agents counsel representation guarantee the issues that matter to you are heard.

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Since 1983, we have served our clients and our carriers, providing a key role when an accident occurs. Going back to the beginning, we have clients and carriers we have represented from day one.

The reputation we have earned over the years is we know how important our role is in protecting our clients and the insurance carriers know who we are and know who to call when our clients have their greatest time of need…at the time of a claim. Our carriers and clients both know us for our professionalism.

Over 100+ years of combined insurance experience.

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At Patterson & Associates, we pride ourselves on our years of experience serving satisfied construction clients. We offer competitively priced insurance solutions with only the highest rated insurance companies.

We offer a broad range of services, ranging from the placement of insurance, claims management, risk management resources and safety solutions. With insider insight into your specific industry, and a history of serving construction clients, we have the expertise to manage your insurance program and provide you the resources you expect from your insurance professional.

Healthcare Facilities

We know that your healthcare facility is as unique as the services it provides and the patients it treats. We tailor coverage for our healthcare facility clients to best meet their unique needs. We take the time to understand your specific insurance needs and will negotiate for coverages with leading carriers to insure those risks.

We insure MRI facilities, dialysis centers, hospitals, and outpatient surgical centers. We understand the complexities of management and malpractice liability insurance, and have insurance solutions to insure those risks.


As a technology firm, you have a number of unique exposures facing you. At Patterson & Associates Insurance, we have the insurance solutions for the risks technology companies face.

Protecting tangible and digital assets is a key concern for technology companies and we have the carrier relationships to insure what matters most to you. As such, we pair traditional business coverage – like general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance – with protections tailored specifically for your industry – such as errors and omissions insurance and intellectual property insurance. Let us customize insurance solution that will pair industry expertise with insurance carrier relationships.

All together, we will help you protect your technology firm against traditional and cyber risks.

Physician & Dental Malpractice

As a medical professional, your ultimate goal is to help people lead their healthiest lives. Ultimately, though, you know that some things are in your control, while others are simply not. Litigation from malpractice is a significant liability that faces our healthcare professionals. Our relationships with key underwriters allows us to provide malpractice insurance for physicians, dentists, physician assistants, nurse anesthetists, physical therapists and the entities they work for.

We take your claim as seriously as you do, providing assistance with the appropriate steps to take beginning with responding to a claim and assigning legal counsel for representation throughout the process.


Self-storage facilities need to consider commercial coverage before opening their doors. Without the right coverage, your facility would be exposed to a number of financial risks.

Your business property insurance can cover your facility and equipment you use in it. Pair that with liability insurance to ensure you’re not held financially responsibility for property damage or bodily injury caused by one of your employees or your rendered services. Also, consider business income, workers’ compensation, customer property legal liability, sale and disposal liability, and crime coverage. Your Patterson & Associates Insurance agent will be able to tailor the right policy to meet your self-storage facility’s unique needs.

Payment & Performance Bonds

Not all agencies can address the bonding needs of their contractor clients. It requires strong relationships with surety bond underwriters and an expertise in reading financial statements that many agents do not have an expertise in and just do not offer. We have several key relationships with surety underwriters to get our clients bonded and more importantly, to help our clients win the bid and get started on the job!

Bonding programs are a critical component to many of our contractor clients, one which is not always an easy process. We understand the process and will assist in helping make the process of getting approved for the bond line as smooth as possible and provide quick turn around on issuing those bonds to keep you working!


Insuring roofing contractors often requires an insurance program that is designed for the exposures a roofer faces every time a roof is replaced. Patterson & Associates Insurance has several key relationships with underwriters who understand your insurance needs and we can address coverages from the simple claim to the more difficult claims such as a rainstorm that was not forecast but downpours over the roof that you just removed the shingles from.

From roofers liability insurance to workers’ compensation, we can help you obtain the right insurance at a fair price.

Restaurants & Bars

Whether you own a small café or a major restaurant chain, you need to make sure you’ve taken the time to protect your business against the risks it faces every day. Patterson & Associates Insurance can help. We understand that the restaurant business brings you unique challenges, and we have a restaurant insurance program tailored to insure those risks.

From the liability insurance to the property insurance, we can make sure you’ve covered the basics. We have other coverages designed for restaurants and bars to address the exposures you face daily.

Nonprofits & Churches

Nonprofits and houses of worship have significant unique exposures that require unique coverages that are not offered by every insurance company. We know protecting your physical assets is crucial, but the correct insurance goes far beyond the building or the contents. We will assist in recommending and placing the correct insurance coverages with the correct insurance so your focus never leaves those you serve in your community.

Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Insuring manufacturers and wholesalers often requires an insurance program that is tailored to the unique needs of each business. Patterson & Associates Insurance has several key relationships with underwriters who understand your insurance needs and will tailor the insurance program to address your exposures.

Fire Suppression Contractors

Patterson & Associates Insurance is the leading agency for insuring Fire Suppression Contractors. Fire suppression contractors face very significant exposures that require a deep understanding of unique insurance coverages that go way beyond a basic insurance package. As you protect others from the hazard of fire, let us protect you from the hazard of financial burden.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

If you work in the Oil Patch you understand there are lots of moving pieces to the puzzle. Everything from day-to-day field operations to the regulatory environment to keeping your investors happy requires a keen eye for detail. That same dedication to detail is delivered to you and your insurance program when you work with your Patterson & Associates Insurance Agent.



What is fire legal coverage?

Fire legal coverage provides coverage to for you if you rent a business space and are held responsible for fire damages to that rented space. It does not apply to all business risks.

What is the difference between Replacement Cost (RC) and Actual Cash Value (ACV)?

Replacement Cost is the current cost to replace property. Actual Cash Value is the replacement cost less depreciation.

What does 80% co-insurance mean?

Insurance carriers require that an insured party insure at least 80% of the property’s value in order to collect a partial loss in full. This is the way the insurance company encourages all insureds to adequately insure their property in relation to other insureds.

Does my policy cover physical damage to a vehicle I rent?

This damage will be covered only if that type of coverage is purchased.

Can other people drive my business vehicle?

Other people may drive your vehicle with your permission. It is important that they be listed on your policy if they are regular drivers of the vehicle.

How does an audit work?

At the end of the policy term, the insurance company will review the policy and either charge or credit the policyholder based upon an audit of estimated figures. Examples of estimated auditable items include sales and payroll. Audits can be performed onsite by an auditor or via mail or telephone. A premium is charged for audit estimations.

Why do I need certificates of insurance from sub-contractors?

An audit may require you to show proof that sub-contractors had their own insurance coverage. The sub-contractors’ certificates of insurance will prevent you from being charged for their exposure.

What is General Liability?

General Liability provides coverage if you are liable for damages to other individuals arising from your premises, general operations (ongoing and after completion) and products manufactured or sold.

What does Products/Completed Operations mean?

Products/Completed Operations refers to the liability coverage for damages caused by your operation or products after the point at which you no longer have control of them.

What is Business Interruption/Extra Expense coverage?

Business Interruption/Extra Expense coverage provides coverage for income loss and the expense of establishing a temporary site during repairs due to damages related to a fire or compensable loss.

What is the difference between "Named Insured", "First Named Insured" and "Additional Insured?"

Named Insureds are those listed by name in the relevant block of the policy’s declaration page. Although the named insured is commonly one person, partnership, corporation or other entity with insurable interests, multiple named insureds may be included.

First Named Insured is the first “named insured” listed on the policy declarations (front page of the policy). This insured acts as the legal agent for all named insureds in initiating cancellation, requesting policy changes or accepting any return premiums. The first named insured may also be responsible for payment of the premiums.

Additional Insured is an entity to which a policy’s coverage is extended. An additional insured must be added to the policy prior to a claim being paid. There must be a tied to relationship between the additional insured and named insured. Being an additional insured on another’s policy does not eliminate the need for someone to have his/her own Commercial General Liability policy.