19 Mar 2020
teen driver

What you should know about keeping your kid covered on your auto policy.

As a parent, you probably insured your teen on your auto policy when they first learned to drive.  However, as they get older and start to live their own lives, you may be wondering if you can maintain this coverage.  Here’s what you need to know about kids being insured through their parents’ auto insurance.

  • Residency Requirements

Where kids live is the most important factor for auto insurance companies who cover multiple drivers on the same policy.  Usually, car insurers will allow parents and children to remain on the same policy as long as they all reside at the same address.  This means that many insurance companies will let children stay on their parents’ policy as long as they still live at home.

  • Moving Out

Once kids officially move out of their parents’ home, they are legally required to secure their own auto insurance policy.  Prior to their move, make sure they secure their own policy and inform your auto insurance provider so they can remove them from your coverage.  Please note that attempting to keep your child on your policy by lying about their address is an act of fraud.  Should the insurance company find out about this, then you risk being denied claims coverage and having the policy canceled altogether.

  • Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the residency rule.  For instance, if a child is leaving home to attend college, then they can still remain on your policy.  This is because your home is still probably their primary residence.  The other exception to this rule is children of divorced parents.  If you and your partner are divorced, then your child can be listed on one of your policies, even if they are only living with you part-time.

This is what you need to know about insuring your child on your auto insurance policy.  Do you have additional questions about your car coverage?  If so, then contact the experts at Patterson & Associates in Richardson, Texas.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your insurance needs today.