16 Apr 2020
car mechanic looking at tires

Make sure your car is in peak condition this spring.

Now that temperatures are warming up and winter driving hazards are fading away, many drivers are breathing a sigh of relief.  However, just because driving conditions are a little easier doesn’t mean that you can afford to neglect your car.  To prepare for the change in seasons, here are some of the car maintenance tasks that you should take care of.

  • Inspect Your Tires

As the outside temperature increases, so does the pressure inside your car’s tires.  To ensure that your tires aren’t overinflated, regularly check and regulate your tire pressure as necessary.  You should also inspect your tread to ensure that your tires aren’t too worn down.  If your tires have suffered a considerable amount of wear and tear during the winter months, then have them replaced.  This will help you avoid losing traction on the road or experiencing a blowout while driving.

  • Check Alignment and Suspension

After harsh winter weather conditions, there may be more cracks and potholes in the roadway.  Unfortunately, going over a severe crack or big pothole can damage your car’s suspension system and throw your car out of alignment.  This, in turn, can make your car more difficult to steer.  If you are concerned about your car’s alignment and suspension, then have your car inspected and adjusted by a qualified mechanic.  Your mechanic may also have to replace your shocks and springs as needed.

  • Wash Your Car

Salt, chemical deicers, and melting ice can cause damage to the body and underside of your car.  Now that the weather has improved and you no longer have to worry about these substances, you should carefully wash your car to remove any remaining bits of these corrosive materials.  To seal out any other damaging substances, apply a coat of wax to the body of your vehicle as well.

These are some of the car maintenance tasks that you should take care of this spring.  Want another way to take care of your vehicle?  Then make sure you have the right auto insurance in place.  For assistance with all your car coverage needs, contact the experts at Patterson & Associates in Richardson, Texas today.