28 May 2020
home insurance rates

The insurance companies calculate the home insurance quotes, taking into consideration the risk factors associated with your house. The rates can go up or down, depending on several factors, with the location being a major one. Here’s how location affects home insurance rates. Crime Rate If you live in an area with greater criminal activity, […]

09 Apr 2020
smoke detector installation

Simple safety suggestions that can unlock insurance savings. Home insurance providers reward homeowners that are proactive about protecting their property.  When a homeowner takes steps to reduce their risk for property damage, theft, and personal liability claims, their insurer will often reward them in the form of a home safety discount.  Here are some of […]

27 Feb 2020
home front door protected from flood water with sandbags

Protect your home from flood damage. If you have homeowners insurance, then you may assume that you are protected against all forces of nature.  However, this isn’t the case.  Certain perils are considered so expensive and risky that standard insurance providers refuse to cover them.  One common example of this is floods.  Because flood damage […]