27 Feb 2020
home front door protected from flood water with sandbags

Protect your home from flood damage. If you have homeowners insurance, then you may assume that you are protected against all forces of nature.  However, this isn’t the case.  Certain perils are considered so expensive and risky that standard insurance providers refuse to cover them.  One common example of this is floods.  Because flood damage […]

16 Jan 2020
home on top of stacks of cash

Watch out for these costly home insurance claims. As a homeowner, you should anticipate your insurance rates increasing every time you file a claim.  However, some insurance claims will raise your rates more than others.  If you don’t want to get caught off-guard by a premium increase, then here are the types of home insurance […]

12 Dec 2019
holiday present

Avoid these common homeowners insurance claims. While the holidays are all about fun and togetherness, they are also a time of risk.  Every year, the holiday season sees an increase in certain types of home insurance claims.  If you want to avoid filing a claim this year, then watch out for these risks. Damaged Roofs […]