14 Feb 2019
How You Can Reduce Your Home Insurance Costs

Try out these suggestions to lower your homeowners insurance rates. As a homeowner, you are probably interested in lowering your home insurance rates as much as possible.  Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to access insurance savings.  Here are some of the tips that you should try to reduce your home insurance […]

17 Jan 2019
Which Natural Disasters are Covered by Your Home Insurance?

Find out what your homeowners policy covers. As a homeowner, you rely on your insurance to protect you in the face of major disaster events. However, you may not know exactly what your policy covers. To help you get a better idea of your homeowners insurance, here’s what your policy will and will not cover […]

10 Jan 2019
What is Scheduled Personal Property Insurance?

Here’s what you should know about this special type of coverage. While your homeowners insurance is designed to offer coverage for your personal belongings, this coverage is limited. Oftentimes, standard homeowners policies do not offer enough coverage to protect high-value possessions such as jewelry, antiques, fine art, electronics, and so on. Fortunately, adding scheduled personal […]