22 Aug 2019
older couple

Why retirees still benefit from life insurance coverage. Now that you are retired, you may be convinced that you no longer need your life insurance.  With your mortgage paid off and your kids out of the house, canceling your policy seems like an easy way to save money.  However, some retirees do benefit from keeping […]

18 Jul 2019
person having their blood pressure taken

Tips to help you prepare for your life insurance medical exam. Part of the life insurance application process is undergoing the medical examination that is required by your insurance provider.  These exams consist of two parts, a questionnaire portion, and a sample collection portion.  During the questionnaire, you will be asked about your current state […]

20 Jun 2019
medical professional taking blood pressure

What to expect during a life insurance medical examination. When you apply for life insurance, you will have to complete a medical exam as stipulated by the insurance provider.  Not sure what to expect?  Then read onto learn more about the common procedures that take place during life insurance medical exams. What Will Happen During […]