11 Jul 2019
boat sailing on the water

How to prep your boat for summer.

Now that summer is here, you may want to spend the whole season on your boat.  While this sounds idyllic, this does require a lot of prep work.  To ensure that your boat is ready to go this summer, here are some of the tasks that you need to take care of.

1) First, you should wash away all the dust, grime, and debris that may have accumulated during winter storage.  Cleaning your boat will help you uncover potential hazards that would have otherwise been concealed.

2) It’s important that you have your boat checked by an American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) approved technician to ensure that it is functioning properly and is safe to use.

3) Inspect all the safety equipment you keep on your boat, including fire extinguishers, flares, personal flotation devices, and first-aid kits.  Repair, replace, and re-stock as necessary.

4) Check all the lights on your boat to ensure that they are in place and operating well.

5) Open the engine compartment to check for excess water in the bilge.  Then, check for any electrical issues such as loose, disconnected, or corroded conductors.

6) Check that your boat’s battery is properly secured.

7) Check your boat’s fuel tanks for leaks and ensure that it has proper ventilation.  You should also check your fuel filters to make sure that there isn’t any water in them.

8) Fill your fuel tank, check your oil level, and change your oil before starting your boat for the first time.

9) If you are towing your boat to its launch point, then inspect and complete maintenance on your trailer before you take it out for the first time.

10) Every state has its own boat registration laws, so make sure that you check yours to ensure that you are in compliance.  If you need to update your registration, make sure you do so before setting sail.  This will ensure that you are not hit with heavy fines and other legal consequences

These are some of the steps that you should take to get your boat ready this summer.  Remember, having the right boat insurance is also vital for a perfect summer on the water.  For assistance with all your personal watercraft insurance needs, contact the experts at Patterson & Associates in Richardson, Texas today.