13 Sep 2018
Insurance to Cover Your Home Remodel

Secure the coverage that you need while your home is getting a face lift.

While there isn’t insurance to specifically cover your home’s renovation, you can make adjustments to your existing homeowners insurance policy to cover your changing risk exposures. This is why you should speak to your insurer before beginning your renovation project and inquire about these coverage options.

Raise Your Coverage Limits

If your home renovations include constructing an addition to your home or upgrading your appliances or fixtures, you can secure coverage for these updates by increasing the dwelling and personal property coverage limits on your homeowners insurance policy. By raising your coverage limits, you can ensure that you have coverage for these new additions to your home.

Update Your Medical Expenses Coverage

Whether your home renovation is a DIY project and you are relying on help from friends and family or a project handled by professional contractors, you need to ask your insurer about increasing your medical expenses coverage limits. As the name suggests, this portion of your homeowners insurance offers coverage for the medical expenses that people might require after getting injured on your property. By raising the limits of this portion of your homeowners insurance policy, you can secure additional protection for the people helping with your home renovation.

These are some of the policy updates you should make if you are planning on renovating your home. Do you have additional questions regarding your homeowners coverage? Don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Patterson & Associates in Richardson, Texas for the insurance assistance that you need today.