20 Nov 2018
Insuring Your Business Through an Independent Agency

Here’s why securing business coverage from an independent insurance agency can benefit you.

Almost every business owner understands the importance of securing the right insurance for their company. However, in their quest for coverage, many business owners turn to major, national insurers without first considering some of the great insurance options that are right in their backyards. Here are some of the reasons why securing a policy from a local, independent insurance agency is a great option for you.

Increased Coverage Options

What business owners need to understand is that smaller insurance companies actually offer their clients more coverage options. This is because independent agencies actually partner with a variety of different insurance carriers and have access to the coverage options that each carrier has to offer. Major insurance brands have set insurance choices, and their clients are forced to choose whichever option best fits their needs. From there, you may have to pay to add additional coverages or to apply endorsements to your policy.   However, because independent agencies have more alternatives, they can secure a policy that fits your business’s needs perfectly. This will save you both time and money when it comes to insuring your business.

Personalized Experience

When you secure coverage from a national insurance provider, the application and underwriting processes are usually very mechanized and clinical. While this does make the process of securing coverage more efficient, this efficiency means that your agent usually doesn’t understand all the details of your company and the full scope of your coverage needs. In contrast, independent insurance agencies offer their clients a more individualized experience. Not only do they take the time to really understand their clients’ needs, but they also have a better understanding of local risks than national insurance retailers. This means that independent agencies are better equipped to secure policies that address all of their clients’ risk factors.

These are some of the reasons why business owners should rely on independent insurance agencies to secure coverage for their companies. Looking for an independent agency in Richardson, Texas? If so, turn to the experts at Patterson & Associates. Our team of dedicated agents is ready to get you the coverage that you need today.