12 Oct 2017
National Security Awareness Month: Reducing Your Cyber Liability Risks

October is National Security Awareness Month – learn how you can keep your business safe online.

While the Internet is an amazing resource for businesses, it can also be their biggest liability.  If you handle a considerable amount of your business online, then a data breach could be disastrous to your company.  With sensitive information about your employees, customers, and business as a whole at risk, it’s important for business to minimize their cyber liability risks.  Here are some ways to keep your business safe.

If you have employees, then it’s important that they understand the risks that the Internet poses.  One way to make sure they are following the proper safety measures is to provide cyber liability training.  Your training program should include how to safely store their login information and should also cover your business’s protocols for regularly changing passwords.  If your employees use their personal devices for work, then they should also understand what safety precautions they should be taking.  Making sure your employees understand how to reduce their cyber liability risks is a great way to keep your business safe.

Another thing to consider is your company’s cyber security protocols.  Make sure you regularly evaluate your security systems and protocols by looking for any weaknesses.  A good way to check your security is testing out possible scenarios and looking for any shortcomings.  A small gap in your security measures is all a hacker needs to get access to your company’s data.

Finally, another safety step you can take is to make sure your equipment is up to date.  If your business operates using a commercial-grade router, then you could be vulnerable to hackers.  If hackers gain remote access to your router, then they can easily access all the sensitive information that passes through the router.  To prevent this, you should update to a commercial-grade router.  Though more expensive, these routers have increased security that prevent hackers from worming their way inside your business’s online operations.

A single data breach could be absolutely devastating for a small business, so make sure you are taking the necessary measures to reduce your cyber liability risks.  Another way to keep your business safe online is having the right cyber liability insurance.  To learn more about cyber liability insurance, contact the knowledgeable team at Patterson & Associates Insurance.  Our experts are ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.