05 Jun 2013

Personal insurance and business insurance can be complicated, yet they are both very important aspects of liability protection. That makes using a quality agency that much more important. This year, Patterson & Associates Insurance, has been nominated for the best insurance agency in North Dallas. It is an honor just to be nominated, but for consumers, that is an acknowledgement of our commitment to quality insurance service to our community.

An insurance agency is linked to the local community by each policy that is sold. We are vested in your wellbeing. This means that is important that we offer quality services and policies that fit your every need. Disaster, like the one just experienced in Oklahoma, are truly devastating, and they touch every area of our lives. We’d like to work with you, to make sure that you are insured against minor problems and natural disasters.

Patterson & Associates Insurance serves the North Dallas neighborhoods as well as the surrounding city of Dallas and local Texas communities. If you have questions about insurance or would like to talk with an agent about your insurance needs, please contact Patterson & Associates Insurance. Their professional and knowledgeable agents are happy to help you with personal, business or church insurance.