09 Nov 2017
Prepare Your Teen Driver for these Unexpected Driving Situations

Don’t let your teen driver get taken by surprise; teach them these skills to make sure they’re ready for anything.

If your teen is learning to drive, chances are they are more confident in their driving abilities than they should be.  Don’t let your teen’s overconfidence lead to them getting stranded or into an accident.  Do your best to prepare them for every driving situation by teaching them these unexpected skills.

1) Night Driving

Most teens practice and feel comfortable driving during the day.  However, your teen may feel a little less prepared to handle driving at night.  Make sure you take your teen out at night so they can get used to the reduced visibility and the bright lights of other motorists.

2) Bad Weather Driving

It’s also important that your teen feels comfortable behind the wheel when the weather conditions are less than favorable.  Teach your teen the different skills they will need to drive in the wind, rain, hail, and snow.  Additionally, make sure they understand the different defensive driving strategies they should employ in the different weather conditions.

3) How to Change a Tire

While it’s easy to simply call someone and get your tire fixed, your teen may encounter a situation where this isn’t possible.  To prevent them from being stranded, make sure they know how to remove and replace a flat tire.

4) How to Read a Map

In the age of smartphones, many teens have mobile apps that handle navigation for them.  However, if your teen is lost in an unfamiliar place and does not have access to cell service, they could end up being stranded.  To avoid this nightmare scenario, teach your kids how to use a map to navigate.  Additionally, make sure that they always keep a map of wherever they’re going in their car as a backup plan.

Parents, keep your teen drivers safe by teaching them these unexpected driving skills.  Want another way to keep your child safe on the roadways?  Make sure that they have the insurance protection they need.  To find the right auto policy for you and your loved ones, contact the professionals at Patterson & Associates Insurance in Richardson, Texas.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your insurance needs.