12 Mar 2020
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Do you have the option to remove a spouse from your auto insurance?

While it may seem strange, there are some reasons why you may want to remove your spouse from your auto policy.  For instance, maybe your spouse is a high-risk driver who is causing your rates to increase.  Or maybe you and your spouse are about to be separated.  Whatever your reason, here’s what you need to know about removing your spouse from your car insurance policy.

  • Your Policy Must Include All Licensed Drivers in the Household

Most insurance companies require you to list every insured driver living at your address on your car insurance policy.  This includes your roommates, family members, and your spouse.  But why do you need to take this step?  Well, even if the other drivers in your home don’t usually drive your car, they may have to in an emergency situation.  To ensure that they offer adequate coverage, your insurance provider needs to know about the potential drivers they have to cover.

  • Excluding Your Spouse from Your Policy

If auto insurance providers require you to list all licensed drivers in your household on your policy, how can you remove your spouse from coverage?  Well, one option is listing your spouse as an “excluded driver’ on your policy.  As an excluded driver, your spouse is unable to drive your car, regardless of the situation.  If your spouse does drive your car, then your insurance company will not offer coverage for any accidents or claim events that they are involved with while they are behind the wheel.

  • Marital Separations and Auto Insurance

If you and your spouse are separated or divorced, then auto insurance can be tricky.  If you both live at the same address, then it’s usually easier to keep your spouse on your policy.  However, if you live apart, then you can contact your auto insurer and have them removed from your policy.

  • Spousal Consent

Please note that if your spouse or former spouse is listed on your auto policy, then you need his or her consent before removing them.  Usually, insurance companies require written consent from the spouse in question before they will remove them.  This is because auto insurance is a legal requirement, and insurance companies want to avoid situations in which someone maliciously removes their spouse from their policy without telling them.

This is what you need to know about removing your spouse from your auto insurance policy.  Do you have additional questions about your car coverage?  If so, then contact the experts at Patterson & Associates in Richardson, Texas.  We are ready to assist you with all your coverage needs today.