13 Nov 2014

We rely on our cars to get us from place to place, and we like to believe our car is safe! Things go wrong and parts can malfunction, and when something like this happens it can make us nervous, mainly for our own safety but also for our auto insurance premiums. Here is some information about how safety recalls may affect your auto insurance policy.

Recalls should not affect your car insurance

If you get your car repaired in the event of a recall that affects a part in your car, your insurance policy likely will not change. This is because in the event of a recall, your insurance provider is not responsible for the repairs, so they will not have to be involved. Once the necessary repairs have been made, there is no reason for your insurance company to hike up your rates due to safety concerns. You should always document the repairs and inform your insurance just to be safe.

Ignoring the recall could hike up your rate

If you receive notice from your manufacturer about a recall that affects your vehicle and you ignore it or do not get the proper repairs, your cars safety rating will be affected and your rates could go up. If you get into an accident because you did not get the recalled part repaired, you could be looking at an even steeper rate.

Consider the cars history

When you are looking at a new vehicle or shopping for a used car, ask about the recall history on the vehicle you are interested in. If the car has had a number of recalls in the past, it might have a higher chance of having recalls in the future and it might be a better bet to reconsider your interest in the vehicle. This will help you avoid any future surprises with your car.

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