28 May 2020
home insurance rates

The insurance companies calculate the home insurance quotes, taking into consideration the risk factors associated with your house. The rates can go up or down, depending on several factors, with the location being a major one. Here’s how location affects home insurance rates.

Crime Rate

If you live in an area with greater criminal activity, then your home insurance rates will be significantly higher. This is because your homeowner’s policy protects your property from theft. With larger crime rates, there is a significant risk and hence higher home insurance rates. Adding a burglar alarm system can reduce the risks enormously.


Being located close to a coastline or water body is a major basis of how location influences home insurance rates. The rates would be significantly higher if your house is located near the ocean, a river, lake or reservoir due to the increased chances of flooding. Generally, a standard home insurance policy doesn’t cover flood damages. Consider purchasing flood insurance for your home, even if the risk of flooding is low.


If your house is close to a fire station, then your home insurance quotes will significantly drop. This drop can be associated with the response time of the fire station. If the fire-fighting crew can reach your house quickly in case of an emergency, then there’s lower risk and hence lower insurance rates. If the fire department takes longer to arrive, then the home insurance rates will be higher.

These are the factors that can influence your home insurance rates. Are you still confused about what affects the price of homeowners insurance? If so, then contact the experts at Patterson & Associates in Richardson, Texas. We will assist you with all your home insurance needs today.