Downed tree in neighborhood

If a tree falls on a neighbor’s property, your neighbor must contact the insurance company to determine what type of cover is available for damage to their yard. The insurance policy may or may not cover the tree clearing fees totally depending on the level of damage.

However, the good news is that homeowner’s insurance usually pays the costs to cut fallen trees. If a tree fell due to a natural disaster, then the homeowner is not held liable.

The Process of Claiming Insurance

Firstly, take a few photos to document what happened. Contact an insurance agent who can explain the options and help your neighbor find out if and how they can submit a claim. It is advised to contact the damage corrector before signing a tree removal contract.

Talk to the insurance agent and claim adjuster in advance. Depending on the property damaged by the fallen tree and terms of the insurance coverage, it would be decided how much can be claimed.

What Happens When You Are Held Responsible

It’s not always a natural hazard when it comes to a tree falling. The reason might also be your negligence, or you trying to cut a tree on your own, without calling an expert.

If you are held responsible for the damage of your neighbor’s property, you would have to pay for the expenses from your insurance. Your insurance company would do a proper investigation and then conclude whose fault it is.

Ways to Prevent the Property Damage by Fallen Trees

You are responsible for maintaining trees on your property. Treating trees regularly is the best way to avoid problems. Trees that are not routinely pruned can become weaker and more vulnerable to strong winds and other extreme weather conditions. Removing dead or seasonal limbs also helps. If a tree or piece of wood in your garden damages adjacent property, you can be held liable for damages if your neighbor can prove that you did not take care of your tree correctly. Although this is tough to establish, it is better to be on the safe side.

Although the law states that fallen trees in your neighbor’s property are the homeowner’s responsibility, the liability depends on your equation with the neighbor and also the circumstances of the tree falling. To get more clarity on all insurance details, contact the experts at Patterson & Associates now.