Patterson and Associates offers a specialized approach to providing risk management services and leading solutions across the healthcare and wellness industry.

We know that your healthcare or wellness facility is as unique as the services it provides and the patients or clients it treats.

Dealing with property damage, lawsuits and vandalism can be incredibly daunting for business owners across all sectors. However, when medical concerns are added to the mix, the challenges multiply. While standard insurance covers incidents at your physical location, addressing medical-specific issues requires specialized coverage like malpractice insurance.

We will work with you to build a custom insurance policy that addresses the unique needs of your practice in Dallas, Austin, Plano, Richardson, San Antonio, and the other Texas cities we serve. At Patterson & Associates Insurance Services, Inc., we understand the complexities of management and malpractice liability insurance and have insurance solutions to insure those risks.

Surgeon in operating room
Surgeon in operating room

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